Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs
Hotels are particularly vulnerable to bed bug problems because of the steady steam of guests constantly arriving.

Where do bed bugs come from?

Bed Bugs do not originate in hotels; each guest is a potential source of bed bugs hitchhiking on luggage and clothing. As such the hotel does not provide any type of compensation if a bedbug issue is discovered.

How do we prevent them?
We are very proactive in ensuring we remain bed bug free; some of the methods we use to prevent bed bugs in our rooms are:

Mattress and Box Spring Protectors

All of our mattresses and box springs have bed bug encasements on them. This special fabric prevents bed bugs from getting into the natural cracks/crevaces that exist in all mattresses.

Encasements aid in early detection by restricting them to the exterior of the encasement where they are easily detected through visual inspection.

Regular Inspection by the Pros

Our hotel is regularly inspected for bed bugs and other pests on a monthly basis.

On Going Staff Training

All of our staff have completed the Choice Hotels International Bed Bug Training Course. That means our staff are trainied in the identification and treatment of bedbugs.

Should our highly trained staff find evidence of bed bugs in your room, for the health and saftey of other guests, you will be asked to check out so we may remedy the problem